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GPS Mylink – cost effective, reliable vehicle tracking

Many companies are choosing to invest in tracking solutions, saving their businesses considerable cost, conforming to new government duty of care and taxation guidelines and above all taking control of valuable assets. If your business operates a fleet of vehicles, you can benefit by investing in a vehicle tracking solution from CMS Global Technologies.

By knowing the precise location and speed of drivers and their individual driving behaviours you will be able to make substantial savings on fuel, servicing costs and overtime, as well as cutting out unnecessary and sometimes unauthorised journeys.  Read our Vehicle Tracking Business Benefits to get a full understanding of what can be achieved by introducing a vehicle tracking solution.

GPS Mylink is a simple to use, cost effective tracking solution which is easy to install and scaleable to any size of organisation. Starting from only 69p per vehicle per day, GPS Mylink is the most cost effective vehicle tracking solution available in the market place today. With 60 second updates as standard your entire fleet is visible on our web based mapping system from any Internet web browser without the need for additional computer equipment. Options to upgrade to integrated CANbus and Mobile Worker applications ensure your investment in GPS Mylink is future proof and will adapt as your business requirements change.

Companies large and small have seen immediate cost savings from the introduction of GPS Mylink including Royal Mail, Christian Salvesen, Network Rail, Hampshire Council and Enterprise plc. Using the very latest technology to provide market leading products and services, GPS Mylink is easily upgradeable to interface with back office data feeds, Mobile Worker systems and seamless integration with satellite navigation.

GPS Mylink provides users with the following list of impressive features as standard:

  • No hidden costs, monthly fee includes installation, all hardware, network charges and lifetime warranty

  • GPS updates every 60 seconds for real-time monitoring of all vehicles

  • Covert in-vehicle installations for maximum security

  • Installed by our own team of employed engineers

  • Unlimited access to our ‘easy to use’ web based mapping via any Internet connection

  • Full training and 24/7/365 telephone support

  • Comprehensive reporting including start/stop and historic ‘snail trail’

  • Market leading ‘black box’ GPS/GPRS modem designed and manufactured by CMS

  • Combined GSM/GPS antenna for minimum power consumption

  • All vehicles are visible on the mapping at all times

Our expertise in telematics is not confined to Vehicle Tracking and its many associated benefits, it also extends to a wide range of feature upgrades, mobile worker applications and fully managed services as well as a range of training, consultancy and support services. Further options include:

  • Trailer and Asset tracking

  • Driver vehicle allocation

  • Sensors including bonnet, door, sweeper down, tipper, compactor etc

  • HM Revenue & Customs tax compliance

  • Cold Chain temperature monitoring

  • Mobile Worker

  • CANbus

  • Satellite Navigation (Sat Nav)

  • European mapping for international businesses

There is only one XP60 GPS GPRS hardware in the market ready for Asset Tracking, Fleet Management and Dispatch: HP stands for HunterPro high precision GPS vehicle tracking receiver integrated with a GSM modem (GPRS or SMS) or AMPS cellular transceiver. HP GPS is a complete AVL solution for Asset Tracking and Fleet Management and is not just a stand alone GPS vehicle tracking receiver. A LCD Display has been added into our new GPS product with the following features: real-time status, GPS coordinates, communication status, velocity, heading, remote messaging, satellite strength and SVID number, and other information of interest for the developers and the final customers. The strength of each satellite is graphically displayed with a bar - this eliminates the need of a PC or laptop in the vehicle for installing and testing the GPS vehicle tracking antenna.
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vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
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