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Lost, Stolen or Missing Vehicle! Find It with a GPS Tracking System

Whether you have one vehicle or over 1000, GPS North America can provide you with a GPS tracking system that meets your vehicle tracking needs. We have created an affordable GPS vehicle tracking system that will provide you with cost effective, real-time vehicle location, mapping and reporting.

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management at Their Best:

We offer you Industry-Leading REAL-TIME GPS tracking and reporting. A GPS vehicle tracking system is intended to provide vehicle location information so you know where your vehicle is, what it is doing and where it has been. Vehicle tracking reports includes valuable information such as speeds and headings. A GPS tracking system can locate a vehicle from any computer or machine with internet access, from anywhere on the globe at any time.

In need of vehicle tracking for better fleet management? A GPS tracking system can pinpoint your position or the position of every vehicle in your fleet, no matter how large or small. The vehicle tracking system is becoming popular for individuals as well. GPS North America has endless GPS vehicle tracking solutions for your business including:

Automatic Vehicle Tracking System  

TCS's automatic vehicle tracking system solutions are based on,

Geographic Information System (GIS)- for display and decision making
Global Positioning System (GPS)- for real time
Telecom service provider for the communication

The vehicle tracking system by TCS enables to track real time location of an object.

TCS has implemented automatic vehicle tracking system based solutions for some of its customers, thus providing business value for the customers in terms of improvement in performance through faster responses, less down time, more accurate corporate databases and increased communication resulting in improved driver control and "wise" decision- making in the field.

Services & Capabilities:

  • Real time tracking of fleet operator for efficient routing
  • Emergency services
  • Geo- Fencing
GPS Vehicle Tracking, Second to None. MobileGuardian is an all-in-one, affordable and fully-portable GPS tracking system / GPS tracking device for GPS Vehicle Tracking. Giving you a front-line defense against vehicle theft, MobileGuardian alerts you as soon as your car is started without your permission. That puts you in the driver seat, even when youe not. Unlike "after-the-fact" mobile tracking devices that fail to alert you or the police until you notice your vehicle missing, MobileGuardian protects your ride by alerting you before the bad guys get away with your car and valuables. Finally, the vehicle protection you can't afford to be without - at a price you can afford! MobileGuardian is committed to providing the most affordable GPS vehicle tracking systems and other general GPS tracking systems. Whether it is Real-time GPS tracking or wireless GPS tracking or satellite GPS tracking solutions for fleet tracking, stolen vehicle recovery, personal vehicle tracking or just gps tracking fun, we have the GPS solution for you! GPS tracking technology is an excellent way for fleet managers and fleet owners to remotely monitor vehicles, trucks, or assets efficiently. GPS tracking systems will allow you to monitor your vehicles, mobile assets, employees or loved ones. - More on GPS tracking and Global Positioning System.


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vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
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