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It is exhausting work that requires lengthy periods of immersion in glacier melt-water. The outcome of these labours is clear, however. 'Glaciers are shrinking all over Svalbard,' said Tristram Irvine-Fynn of Sheffield University. 'Ice loss is about 4.5 cubic kilometres of ice a year.'

The Arctic is melting, in other words. And soon the rest of the world will be affected, as Phil Porter of the University of Hertfordshire, another UK researcher on field studies in Ny-Alesund, points out: 'I have studied glaciers across the world, for example in the Himalayas, and we are seeing the same thing there. The consequences for that region are more serious, however. Rivers rise and wash away farming land.'

Humanity clearly needs to take careful notice to what is happening to the beautiful desolate area. 'This place is important because it is so near the pole, far closer than most Antarctic bases are to the South Pole,' said Trud Sveno, head of the Norwegian Polar Institute here.

'We have found that not only are glaciers retreating dramatically, but the extent of the pack ice that used to stretch across the sea from here to the pole is receding. It is now at an absolute minimum since records began.'

Nor is it hard to pinpoint the culprit. On Mount Zeppelin, which overlooks Ny-Alesund, Swedish and Norwegian researchers have built one of the most sensitive air-monitoring laboratories in the world, part of a network of stations that constantly test our atmosphere.

Instruments in the little station - reached by an antiquated two-person cable car that can swing alarmingly in the whistling, polar wind - suck in air and measure their levels of carbon dioxide, methane, other pollutants and gases. It is a set-up of stunning sensitivity. Light up a cigarette at the mountain's base and the station's instruments will detect your exhalations, it is claimed.

Carbon dioxide, produced by cars and factories across the globe, is the real interest here, however. Over the past 15 years, not only have levels continued to rise from around 350 to 380 parts per million (ppm), but this rise is now accelerating.

In 1990 this key cause of global warming was rising at a rate of 1 ppm; by 1998 it was increasing by 2ppm; and by 2003 instruments at Mount Zeppelin showed it was growing by 3ppm. 'Never before has carbon dioxide increased at the rate it does now,' adds Sveno.

Such research reveals the importance of Svalbard to Europe and the rest of the world, and explains why there is a constant pilgrimage of hydrologists, ornithologists, marine biologists, glaciologists, plant experts and other researchers to the station. The work is hard, although life here has improved a lot since coal was mined at Ny-Alesund.

Buildings are warm and snug, radios and GPS receivers ensure safety in bad weather, and fresh food is shipped in weekly. The base is also kept under careful ecological control. Barnacle geese and their goslings, fiercely territorial Arctic terns, reindeer and Arctic foxes are allowed to wander between the station's huts

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