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Car navigation systems run off a satellite signal and works like a charm just about anywhere on the planet. If you're in search of a modern GPS system, then it's imperative to look online. The Internet is loaded with car navigation systems to suit anyone's needs.

There are many benefits for the automobile owner to have their vehicle equipped with a GPS navigation system including saving time, fuel economy, safety, and tracking. Enjoy these benefits for your Ford F150 with an easy to install Magellan in-dash system.

We would certainly recommend the Magellan system for any Ford F-150 owner. With product lines in auto navigation and recreational handheld, Magellan's current product line up includes Magellan RoadMate portable auto navigation solutions, eXplorist handhelds, and MapSend mapping and software products.

If you own a company that utilizes private vehicles, delivery trucks, even whole fleets, then you need to think about GPS tracking. One of the simplest reasons for using GPS tracking systems is that it is a sure fire way to keep track of travel records for tax purposes. But that is just the frosting on the cake. By using a GPS tracking system, you have a quick and easy way to keep tabs on the location of your company vehicles at any given time. So, if one of your drivers happens to run into some trouble while out on the highway, you have at your fingertips the means to locate him instantly and send the necessary help he or she may need.

A GPS tracking system can record location data at ten, twenty, thirty or sixty-second intervals, while the vehicle is in motion. You can set your GPS tracking system at any of these speeds depending upon what the vehicle is being used for. For example, if you have a truck that is used to make numerous, short deliveries, you would want to set the GPS tracking system for ten or twenty seconds. The tracking detail will give you just the amount of information you need. However, if you don’t need quite that much information, and want to set the tracking speed at thirty or sixty seconds, you will still be capable of maintaining the accurate information you need, while extending the battery life of your GPS tracking system.

Thales Navigation, global innovator of GPS products for outdoor and vehicle navigation, announced today a partnership with Brandmotion, LLC to deliver the first integrated aftermarket Magellan navigation system, based on the best-selling Magellan RoadMate™. Brandmotion partners with leading companies to develop, market and distribute seamlessly integrated entertainment, safety and convenience products for automobile owners. The Magellan partnership will provide integrated navigation devices for select high volume vehicle lines, beginning with an integrated vehicle navigation system for Ford F-150 trucks. Distributors and dealers attending the 2005 SEMA show will get a first look at the Brandmotion booth (#12282) and at the Magellan booth (#11024, North Hall, Mobile Electronics section).

"This is an ideal opportunity for our Magellan OEM business and a strong validation of our market leadership and strategy," said Hubert Canuet, general manager of the Thales OEM business unit. "Brandmotion’s OEM-level design and engineering capabilities allow us to offer our best-selling, award-winning Magellan vehicle navigation technology and provide it as a unique, dash-integrated aftermarket vehicle navigation option with a factory-installed appearance."

This product capitalizes on the fast-growing demand for aftermarket vehicle navigation systems by providing a seamless integration option from a leader in vehicle navigation technology," said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. "Our product can be easily installed to fit on the dash of on any 2004 or newer Ford F-150 truck so dealers can sell it directly to customers with the purchase of a vehicle and install it immediately with a sleek looking result."

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vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
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