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We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of GPS Remote Units Products.
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of GPS Remote Units Products that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan Exporter of GPS Remote Units Products. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable GPS Remote Units Products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

Tracking on loptop device or computer

What is Real Time GPS Tracking System?
With a Real Time GPS Tracking System, you can obtain detailed and current information about the vehicle or object that is being tracked through wireless networks. It is called 'Real Time' because you are getting information as it happens, as opposed to 'Passive' systems where you get to check the information afterwards.

How does a Real Time GPS Tracking System work?
A Real Time GPS Tracking System works on the same wireless principle as a cell phone. However, the Global Positioning System satellites are separate from communication satellites.

A GPS locater device, which is often very small and can be installed very easily and without anyone noticing it, is placed in the vehicle and through this the vehicle can be monitored and many of its features controlled.

The older GPS locater devices have separate modems and antennas to collect GPS date; the more recent versions are smaller and self-contained. The GPS locater devices collect and transmit the GPS data via wireless networks like Analog, GPRS or Mobitex and the information can be viewed over the Internet by the user from any location. Updates are usually every five minutes or so, you can program this feature to suit your convenience.

What are the uses of a GPS Real Time Tracking System?
The GPS Real Time Tracking System was originally intended only for military use. The US Military developed it to be used in precision weapon delivery. Now GPS tracking devices are widely available for civilian use.

GPS Real Time Tracking System can give you specific information about the vehicle's current location and about its previous locations, and the overall mileage. It informs you about the vehicle's speed - you are alerted if the vehicle exceeds the legal speed limit – and about the various stops the vehicle makes. You receive geo-fencing alerts, alerts about the battery status, whether it is getting low, and about whether the oil needs to be changed. You can remote control the vehicle's door locks, lights, horn, and various other electronic devices. You can send emails, have a two way communication with the drivers, inform them about the routes to be taken and so on. If you want to pick up a delivery from a certain location, you can track your vehicle nearest to the area and dispatch them over without loss of time.

The GPS Locater Device also allows you to remotely turn on or turn off the ignition. Think about it. Someone steals your car and you turn off the ignition, lock the car doors, and inform the police of the exact location so that all they have to do is go and picked up the trapped thief.

GPS Real Time Tracking Systems are very popular with people in the transportation business. It is a good way for fleet owners to keep an eye on their vehicles and track their movements and ensure that there is no misuse on the parts of the drivers.

Many parents are also resorting to the use of a GPS Real Time Tracking System to keep an eye on the activities of their teenagers.

Our expertise has enabled us to ensure high quality GPS Remote Units products by subjecting our GPS Remote Units products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch.

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vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
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