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We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of GPS Fishfinders Products.
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of GPS Fishfinders Products that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan Exporter of GPS Fishfinders Products. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable GPS Fishfinders Products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

The concept of the Global Positioning System evolved in early days of 80’s. It was proposed for a worldwide navigation system to locate the objects or the roots and related purpose. This was the concept by US military. Although it was developed for the military, it was seen that it would be very much useful to civilians also. Advancements in field of electronics also helped the thing a lot to bring the prices down of the devices required in it. Before that it was for military only, which can afford such a costly affair. Due these reasons it helped a lot to make the system open for the entire rest world. GPS is relatively much better than other systems and it is on its way to becoming the primary means of navigation in most applications.

How our position is decided by using this system can be better explained thinking an example, which will be requiring a little bit knowledge of GPS Fishfinders.

Imagine you are at a location about which you are not at all aware of. If somebody tells you that you are 15km apart from a village ‘A’. Then you can think yourself on a circle of radius 15km from the village ‘A’ as center point. Now further you got known that you are 20km apart from village ‘B’. So now it is easier for you that you can say you on one of the two points, which are the intersecting points of the two circles of radius 15km and 20km. If you more get knowledge that you are 30k away from third village say ‘C’, then it’s pretty easy to say on which point you are. That will be the unique point of intersection of the three circles.

Yes, GPS Fishfinders the same logic is applied in this system. Here you are told that you are this much distance away from a satellite, and all the satellites to which the receiver can view tell the same. So as in the example we needed 3 tellers to locate in a 2D environment, here you need 4 tellers (satellites) to tell your location in a 3D environment. Remaining is the part of the calculation and displaying it, which a receiver does.

Coming to actual system, it can be better viewed in the following segments or parts, which views the GPS System as whole:

1. Space Segment
2. Control Segment
3. User Segment

Our expertise has enabled us to ensure high quality GPS Fishfinders products by subjecting our GPS Fishfinders products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch.

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vehicle tracking system is an electronic device installed in a vehicle to enable the owner or a third party to track the vehicle's location. Most modern vehicle tracking systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) modules for accurate location of the vehicle. Many systems also combine a communications component such as cellular or satellite transmitters to communicate the vehicle’s location to a remote user. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.
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