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Bluetooth GPS Receiver

We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of Bluetooth GPS Receiver Products.
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of Bluetooth GPS Receiver Products that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan Exporter of Bluetooth GPS Receiver Products. We are recognized as one of the leading traders in this sector due to our capability to supply impeccable Bluetooth GPS Receiver Products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

Different layers of ISO OSI model are as follows

1) Physical Layer
The physical layer is related with delivering raw bits over a communication channel. The design issues have to do with making sure that when one side sends a 1 bit, it is received as a 1 bit by the other side but not as a 0 bit. The design issues here largely related with mechanical, electrical and procedural interfaces and the physical communication channel which lies below the physical layer.

2) Data Link layer
The important function of the data link layer is to take raw transmission facility and deliver it into a line that appears free of undetected transmission error to the network layer. It achieves this task by having the sender break the input data up into data frames then transmit the frames sequentially and process the acknowledgement frames sent back by the receiver. Since the physical layer takes and delivers a stream of bits without any concern to meaning or structure it is data link layer’s function to create and determine frame boundaries. This can be achieved by attaching special bit patterns to the start and end of the frame. If in the data these bits appear accidentally, special care must be taken to ensure these patterns are not incorrectly interpreted as frame delimiters.

On the line a noise burst can destroy a frame completely. If frame is destroyed the data link layer software on the source machine can retransmit the frame. However, multiple transmissions of the same frame cause the possibility of duplicate frames. If the acknowledgement frame from the receiver to sender were lost then duplicate frame could be sent. It is function of this layer to solve the problems caused by damaged, lost and duplicate frames. The data link layer provides number of different service classes to the network layer, each of a different quality and with a different price.

Another design issue that takes place within data link layer is how to keep a fast transmitter from drowning a slow receiver in data. Some traffic control mechanism must be applied to let the transmitter know how much buffer space the receiver has at the moment. Frequently, this flow control and the error handling are incorporated.
Broadcast networks possess some additional issue in the data link layer: how to control access to the shared channel. The medium access sub layer, a special sub layer of the data link layer related with this problem.

3) Network Layer
The Network layer is designed for controlling the operation of the subnet. An important design issue of network layer is determining how packets are routed from one route to another route. Routes are dependent upon static tables that are "wired into" the network and rarely changed. At the start of each conversation routes are determined. They can be highly dynamic, being determined additionally to reflect the current network load for each packet.

The i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver PS-3200 has the following key features:

  • Smart Power Save Mechanism - When you use i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver PS-3200 for the first time, just power it up and place it under the windshield in your car. Anytime when you bring aboard your PDA or laptop computer with Bluetooth connectivity, i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver PS-3200 will enable itself for your navigating usage. Once you leave your car and take the PDA with you, i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver PS-3200 will go into sleeping mode.
  • Ultra GPS Performance - 16 channels / satellites for extremely fast GPS position fix time of under 46 secs (cold start). The sensitivity of -152dBm is ranked one of the highest performance in the consumer graded GPS receiver in the market today!
  • The longest operation time in the market - Using the ultra low power consumption Nemerix chipset (of 32mA), the i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver PS-3200 is capable of an operation time of 30 hrs per full charge. The battery life is almost 12 to 20 hours longer than typical Bluetooth GPS receivers in the market.
  • Longest Stand-by time - Thanks to the Fuzzy Auto on/off power saving feature, the i-Blue Bluetooth GPS Receiver has about 360 hrs stand-by time after fully charged. More than 48 hrs. (when low power LED starts blinking)

If in the subnet too many packets are present at the same time, they will get in each other’s way, forming bottleneck. The control of such congestion of packets is done by the network layer.
When a packet travel from one source to another destination many problems may arise. The addressing used by the first network may be different from the destination. The destination may not accept the packet at all because it is too large. The protocol used may differ and so on. It is function of network layer to overcome all these problems to permit heterogeneous networks to be interconnected. In Broadcast network, the routing provided is simple, so the network layer is often thin or even nonexistent.

Our expertise has enabled us to ensure high quality Bluetooth GPS Receiver products by subjecting our Bluetooth GPS Receiver products to stringent quality control measures during each stage of production and while dispatch.
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